Our Team

Jim Phillips

Agent and Owner

Owner and Agent Jim Phillips' dedication and hard work shows through his over 30 years of experience in assisting individuals and businesses. He is registered and licensed to sell a variety of financial and insurance products and he uses his extensive personal and professional knowledge in health, life, long-term care, and financial services to help people pursue their goals and recognize their dreams.  Being an independent agency gives him access to a multitude of companies to find the proper fit while still being price conscience. His varied background in agriculture, the military, and as a business owner, as well as his large and varied client base, has given him extensive experience and knowledge in helping his clients.  From a small farmer to a CEO of a large company, Jim can offer not only knowledge of his products, but service.

Ann Clark

Administrative Assistant

As administrative assistant, Ann Clark works closely with Jim Phillips to help maintain a high quality of customer service . From fulfilling requests, answering questions, and assisting with nearly every aspect of day to day operations she plays a vital role within the company. The combination of her higher learning, compassion and willingness to help others, and her commitment to work help  deliver the personal service that Phillips Insurance values.